World Tour of Tea

At Teaola, our goal is to bring to you a world experience one cup at a time.  We understand how different corners of the world can evoke sensations that bring back favored memories or spur you on to building a journey of your own.  The world is a vast diverse place and we bring to you what it offers.  Our World Tour products capture the essence of some favored places and help bring them to you and your loved ones.

Travel the world in your cup with our wide selection of flavors and tastes from around the globe.  We’ve brought together the finest samples of exotic and robust teas representing an extensive array of countries and regions.  Travel from the highest Alps with our Alpine Amaretto to the warm tropical ocean waters of our Caribbean Caress. Experience the distinct flavors of our Paris Passion then voyage to the Pearl of the Orient while savoring the tastes of Manila Vanilla.

While our tantalizing teas satisfy the taste buds, we understand the power their aromas have as well.  That’s why we’ve created a variety of unique aromatic soaps and perfumes that also capture images of faraway lands and foreign places.  Our Rome Rhapsody handmade soap mingles blueberry and lavender to take you back to the timeless city while the combination of apple, pineapples, and rose petals brings Hawaii to your home with our Honolulu-lulu line of products.

We use only the best ingredients from around the world for our loose-leaf teas, handmade soaps, and perfumes at Teaola.  Our World Tour products offer our customers a unique experience and help capture distinct flavors and fragrances found around the globe.

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