Gift Sets

Teaola’s World Tea gift sets offer a wide variety of options for creating the perfect present for any tea lover. Each gift set combines a unique blend of teas, handmade soaps, perfumes, and scented tea sachets. This convenient assortment of tea-infused gifts allows you to choose among a wide assortment of flavorings and aromas.

Looking to appease a world traveler? Send them to the Hawaiian Islands with our Honolulu-Lulu teas and fragrances that blend pineapple, cornflower, apple, and rose petals. Or let them journey to the eternal city with our Rome Rhapsody combination that fuses lavender and blueberry flavors in a timeless mix.

These World Tea gift sets are also ideal for that health-conscious someone special who appreciates all the great benefits tea has to offer. Our oolong and white tea sets provide recipients with a healthy arrangement that caters to their physical and mental well-being while immersing them in subtle flavors and scents.

We also offer whimsical Under the Sea themes such as Sandy Starfish herbal tea gift sets for kids. Make bath time fun with Sandy’s handmade soaps while her delightful spearmint flavored tea soothes and relaxes.

Let Teaola help you find the perfect gift for the avid tea enthusiast in your life. Our World Tea gift sets come in a wide variety of tastes, aromas and selection cater to every age group. Contact us today to see how we can help build the right gift set for you.

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