Is it safe to give my dog tea?

We LOVE tea as much as the next, and we LOVE our pets too! Why wouldn’t you want to share your favorite beverage with your furry friend? There are so many health benefits for humans so of course we would want that for our pups too. But is it safe?

First off – caffeine is NOT good for dogs. So you want to avoid giving your pooch many of the teas available at the supermarket but the dream of tea time with Spot is not over. There ARE teas specifically made for dogs that are not only safe, but may also be beneficial!

A Vet’s View Point on Dogs Drinking Tea

Richard Allport, BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS has been qualified as a veterinary surgeon for forty years. For the last thirty years he has specialized in natural medicines for pets, including acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine. Here are his thoughts on tea for dogs (tea that is specifically made for dogs):

The concept of herbal teabags for dogs may seem a little strange, but from a veterinary point of view has logic behind it.

Dogs are natural scavengers, and most dogs will eat grass and vegetation to a greater or lesser extent, both for the fiber content, but also for the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that may not be present in sufficient amounts in their normal food. It is often said that dogs and other animals will seek out the herbs they need when they are unwell, and there seems to be some truth in this – I have personally seen arthritic dogs eating Cleavers, a herb with a known anti-inflammatory effect.

Herbal medicine is a growing part of veterinary treatment of dogs – for instance, many vets now use such herbs as Skullcap and Valerian to relieve anxiety. Delivering herbs in a tea format is practical – the majority of dogs will drink cooled herbal tea perfectly happily, just as many dogs enjoy drinking ‘ordinary’ tea.

Tea Made for Dogs

Teaola is excited to be offering a variety of teas made for dogs!

“Although, for legal reasons, no medicinal claims can be made for any of the Teaola herbal tea blends, each herb in each blend has been carefully chosen for the known health benefits, and I have personally advised on the herbal formulations, checked and researched the herbs involved, and can confirm that the herbal ingredients in each blend are safe and effective for dogs, and that each blend is suitable and appropriate for the benefits suggested.”

Richard Allport

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