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Teaola™ has traveled the world and created signature blends that capture the essence of each country in warming tea. Travel the world from the comfort of your tea cup and find your taste buds favorite country to travel to.


What you put in your body has a great deal to do with the overall health of your body and mind. Teaola’s Health and Wellness Collection is made with rich leaves and the freshest herbs, fruits and spices. Our Health and Wellness Collection blends, were carefully mixed, to promote optimum mental and physical health while also maintaining the delicious flavoring Teaola customers have grown to love.


Teaola understands the struggles parents have finding drinks for the kids, that not only taste great, but are also healthy. Good habits are stick when developed young, start your little ones drinking tea early with Teaola’s decaffeinated Under the Sea Tea!

The finest teas from all over the world…Teaola’s: World Tour of Tea

At Teaola, our goal is to bring to you a world experience one cup at a time.  We understand how different corners of the world can evoke sensations that bring back favored memories or spur you on to building a journey of your own.  The world is a vast diverse place and we bring to you what it offers.  Our World Tour products capture the essence of some favored places and help bring them to you and your loved ones. Read More and Shop…

Health & Wellness Tea

The health  value of tea is said to have been first realized by the Chinese over 2,000 years ago when they discovered the soothing and healing powers of the Camellia sinensis plant combined with boiling water.  World cultures still regard tea as great source of health, wisdom, and happiness while helping to bring their lives into perspective. Read More and Shop…

Children’s Tea Collection

Enjoying a great cup of tea can now be a true family affair.  As with adults, tea for children can have some very healthy benefits aside from being a tasty treat.  However, selecting the right tea is important when it comes to your children.  Some of the most common ingredients in teas for children that have been found to provide benefits include: Fennel, Cardamom, Ginger and Chamomile. Read More to Discover the Benefits and Shop Now….

While many of today’s off-the-shelf teas contain caffeine, Teaola has developed a unique line of teas for children that are a healthy, caffeine-free alternative.  Our “Under the Sea Teas” for children feature colorful flavors that combine helpful antioxidants and vitamins with the great tastes that they enjoy. Shop Now…